‘UN staff raped 60 thousand women in 10 years’

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4 July 2019, Thu
Published: 12:16 Updated: 02:25

‘UN staff raped 60 thousand women in 10 years’

UN Secretary-General M. Maceleid said in the report, more than 60 thousand women were raped by UN staff in the last decade. It has been kept secret for almost 20 years.

It is reported in the report, about 3,300 children are working in the United Nations. The Masonic Maiden report also came out that they tried to take jobs in donor companies only to rape women and children at risk.

Earlier, accusations were made against the United Nations relief workers.

Meldeoyed went on to complain of sexually assaulting 60,000 peacemakers from the United Nations Secretary General Anthony Gutters' appointment. Civilians have been sexually assaulted by 311 people in 2016.

Meanwhile, the UN report also acknowledged the Masonic report, actual number is almost twice as per their published list. In the report, only one recording of 10 incidents of rape was done by UN staff, he said.

In an interview given to The British media, The San Jose said Masonic Lloyd said, thousands of relief workers in the world are involved in rape. When someone wearing Unicef's T-shirt, he is not asked what his purpose is? That opportunity can be done at any time. This is happening around the world today. These educators are also saying that oppression is a managerial weakness.

At present, Massaleo, who campaigned for imposing restrictions on relief workers, once served as head of the United Nations emergency coordination center. He asked the United Kingdom leadership to bring justice to women repressors.

Macelogoid said, Even though unpleasant, the UK people are being financed for crimes like rape, with the tax money. There is a lot of discussion going on in the United Nations High Level. Now the time has come to find ways to solve it. The problem is similar to that of the Catholic Church.