24 reportedly killed in Papua New Guinea violence

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10 July 2019, Wed
Published: 11:56 Updated: 11:57

24 reportedly killed in Papua New Guinea violence

At least  24 people including pregnant women and children have been killed in recent tribal violence in Papua New Guinea.

This incident happened on Monday (July 8) in the province of Halea in the early hours.

According to the BBC report, members of other ethnic groups attacked and killed them in an ethnic group.

Hela Gov. Philip Undialu told, he latest violence was on Monday when 24 people including women and children died at the village of Karida.

The victims' relatives retaliated with rifles the next day, killing between 20 and 24 people at Karida, including pregnant women, he said.

According to the country's media EMTV, for the last 20 years there have been conflict among ethnic groups in the area.