22 killed in armed attack in Nigeria

International Desk
13 July 2020, Mon
Published: 01:53

22 killed in armed attack in Nigeria

At least 22 people have been killed Sunday when armed attackers raided some villages in Nigeria, according to local media.

Many others have been wounded in the attack in the Zangon Kataf area of Kaduna State in Nigeria.

Kaduna State Police spokesman Muhammad Jalige confirmed the incident and said many people were also kidnapped during the attack.

Security forces were referred to the area, while a 24-hour curfew was imposed due to the attack, Jalige added.

Recently, the country banned the use of motorbikes in some states due to attacks carried out on them.

The country’s northwest sees occasional clashes between the herder Fulani people -- one of the largest ethnic groups widely dispersed across West Africa -- and neighboring sedentary tribes.

The Fulani, who migrated to the south of the country to graze their animals, claim that farmers try to steal their animals and attack their people.

Armed groups sometimes take advantage of these conflicts and organize attacks. Source: yenisafak.com