Dihan’s family ashamed

News Desk
10 January 2021, Sun
Published: 09:27

Dihan’s family ashamed

We are ashamed as allegations of rape and murder of the O-level student were brought against Dihan, said family members of Fardin Iftekhar Dihan, according to media reports.

His family members did not go to the police station or court nor did they appoint a lawyer for Dihan to defend him at the court, according to media reports.

Dihan's mother Sanjida Sarkar said to media that If the trial proves Dihan is guilty, we will accept the verdict. Many newspapers were making objectionable comments regarding Dihan’s family, she said.

There is a law, autopsy report to prove if he is guilty or not. She added but, our family should not be insulted for this.

The media is blaming our whole family. How did our whole family commit a crime here, she questioned.

The victim was reportedly raped at Dihan’s house in Dhaka's Kalabagan area and pronounced dead on arrival at a private hospital on Thursday.