Cops have no intention to realize fine

Staff Correspondent
21 November 2019, Thu
Published: 10:56

Cops have no intention to realize fine

Dhaka Metropolitan Police Commissioner Shafiqul Islam said on Thursday that police have no intention to realize fine if there is discipline on the roads.

He said that the traffic division realizes Tk 6 - 7 crore monthly for violating traffic rules. It is a minimal amount and the government has no need for such amount of money.

Shafiqul Islam said this while speaking at an inaugural session of the fortnightly traffic awareness programs at Rajarbagh Police Lines in Dhaka.

He said that after taking charge, I told the traffic officials not to set a [monthly] target of realizing fine.

Can you imagine a man die on the road due to your or our fault and leave his minor kinds in the life of uncertainty?  And there will be no breadwinner who can support the family. People will no longer tolerate unfit drivers will ply unfit vehicles and make our children blood-stained one after another, he said.

He said that if we fail to bring discipline, our children who sit in front of us will unitedly drive us out from the roads. You cannot go to the streets and we will not be able to discharge our duties.

You will not find a single-family who has not lost at least one of their relatives in such accidents. How long we will tolerate the chaotic situation? And It is the last chance of bringing discipline on the roads.

About the implementation of the new Roads and Transport Act 2018,  even the continuous violators will be given warning once or twice and make them aware of the law. Then he will be fined for a traffic rule violation, he added.