The risk of breast cancer will increase in sugar

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1 August 2019, Thu
Published: 03:58

The risk of breast cancer will increase in sugar

Linking sugary drinks to cancer. Researchers studied over 100,000 French adults (nearly 80% women) who completed at least two 24-hour dietary assessments over a 2 year period. The average age at baseline was 42.

During a median 5 years’ follow-up, nearly 2,200 incident cancers were diagnosed, about one third of which were breast cancers. Overall cancer risk increased with each 100-mL/day (3.4 oz/day) increase in consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages, including soft drinks and Risk for breast cancer — in particular, premenopausal breast cancer — also increased with sugary beverage intake,
So one should be aware of soft drinks and sugar water.

However, Yang notes that no studies had investigated the direct impact of sugar intake on breast cancer development in animal models or looked at the underlying mechanisms of the association in such models.

With this in mind, the team set out to assess how sugar intake influenced breast cancer development in mice that were randomized to various diets, including a sucrose-enriched diet, a fructose-enriched diet and a starch-control diet.

According to the researchers, the amount of sucrose and fructose the mice consumed was comparable to that found in a typical Western diet - characterized by high intake of refined sugars, saturated fat and red meat, and low intake of fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains.