Beware of fake friends! How to identify fake friends in life

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10 August 2020, Mon
Published: 11:59

Beware of fake friends! How to identify fake friends in life

At the moment it is so difficult to recognize the signs of a fake friend, but they are always there. It’s incredibly difficult to figure out who is a real friend, and know the signs of a fake friend, especially when we are young.

It’s safe to say that having friends in high school is much easier, but as such, it is important to know the signs of a fake friend, because they are everywhere.

Judge you
Once they see that you have slowly built some things for yourself, they will then turn this amazing thing into a negative one. They will instill in their minds that you are not one of them and that you are somebody else. Instead of talking to you, they talk about you behind your back, making you look like the villain.

Easily jealous
They would make sure that they let you see how they support your old friends and deliberately leave you behind. Makes you wonder why? Simple, your success is shining bright for them that they welcome jealousy in.

Compares a lot
All they do is compare you to the person you were before. Wake up! People change and if people change for the better, support them, don’t stab them with your insecurities.

Friendship is conditional
They will only reach out to you when they need something from you. But if the group decides to gather, your name will never be on the list, because you are the topic of their gathering. Yikes.

If your “friends” are showing these signs, let this article be the first to tell you that, they are not your friends - they are fake friends.

So what if they leave you behind, be better, look, and stick to those who support you and anchor you down whenever they see that you are slowly becoming someone who you should not be.

They talk down to you
Fake friends are often very insecure people. They feel the need to be friends with a lot of people at once for the feeling of acceptance and popularity. They need to be the superior being, so they may choose to make you feel bad about yourself. 

They have a short-temper with you
I had a friend that would threaten to “never talk to me ever again” if I said I was going to do certain things that literally didn’t matter one bit. One of the clearest signs of a fake friend is the obvious manner in which they try to make you feel like garbage, and this is just another way of doing so.