3 ways women sabotage their own dreams

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13 September 2020, Sun
Published: 03:05

3 ways women sabotage their own dreams

Many women who still face adversity and discrimination. The brightest and most promising have second thoughts about pursuing their dreams and going for the gold.

It would be a shame if the world were to miss out on a life-changing philosophy or a scientific discovery because a woman decided to let go of her aspirations.

This article discusses three reasons why women often choose not to chase their dreams.

1. I am not ready yet:
Many women miss life-changing opportunities when they utter the words “I am not ready yet”. They think many steps must be taken before they take action.

While taking things one step at a time is the safest way to do things, it could lead to a lack of progression and a long period of stagnation.

An individual could miss a golden opportunity to impress the boss or maybe start up a business. There is nothing wrong with avoiding bad decisions, but the failure to come to a decision at all can become a problem in itself.

2. I am not good enough:
Most people think that perfectionism can lead to a successful life; they could not be more wrong. Perfectionism is not necessarily helpful, especially if it reaches a point that it lowers your self-esteem.

Perfectionists often think they can be better than they already are, which leads to the problem of always wanting to get better at something. Think of it as sort of an eternal preparation that often leads nowhere.

The fact is, not one human being on earth has ever, or will ever, achieve perfection in anything.

Assuming someone has gained enough skills or knowledge to pursue an endeavour, they should already believe that they can do it.

The individual must not make the mistake of thinking they are not good enough if they have put an enormous amount of work and a lot of time into getting better at what they do.

Sometimes, all it takes is a little confidence to get started. Overcome the fear of not being good enough and just go for it.

3. I will do it some other day:
Most people are guilty of this. Be it as simple as having one’s teeth cleaned or fixing a leak in the bathroom, a lot of people procrastinate.

Imagine what procrastination would do to something one is passionate about and actually loves; far more problematic than calling a plumber to plug up that leak, isn’t it?

Anyone can come up with excuses for why they should do something later and this is why many people forget about their dreams and goals in life.