Be emotionally flexible, save the romance in life

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10 January 2021, Sun
Published: 12:20

Be emotionally flexible, save the romance in life

Being emotionally flexible is one of the key factors when it comes to longevity and overall health of your romantic and long-term relationships, say researchers.

The researchers from the University of Rochester aimed to clarify how mindful flexibility on the one hand and inattentive, mindless and rigid inflexibility on ht either was linked to the dynamics within families and romantic relationships.

Psychological flexibility is defined as a set of skills that people use when they are presented with difficult or challenging thoughts, feelings, emotions, or experiences. 

The psychological flexibility and inflexibility may play key roles in both couples and families in shaping how individuals interact with the people closest to them, the researchers wrote in a meta-analysis, published in the Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science, which statistically combined the results of 174 separate studies

The meta-analysis added to the findings of Rogge's earlier work in which, he and a team tested the effects of couples' watching movies together and talking about the films afterward.

That study found that an inexpensive, fun and relatively simple watch-and-talk approach can be just as effective as other more intensive therapist-led methods — more than halving the divorce or separation rate from 24 to 11 percent after the first three years of marriage.

"The results suggest that husbands and wives have a pretty good sense of what they might be doing right and wrong in their relationships," Rogge said about the earlier study.

Watching and discussing movies with your partner that feature onscreen couples can have a positive effect on your relationship. Source: IANS