7 ways to show you slim

Life Style Desk
25 September 2019, Wed
Published: 10:28

7 ways to show you slim

Many people do a lot of things to show them slim. Those who fat are always in hesitation about their dress-up and make-up. However, you may look slim yourself by knowing some simple tips. Let's go know the tips-

1. Avoid light-colored clothing whose body is a bit fat. Choose the darkest shade of any color in times of cloth selection. The body looks a bit slimmer in colors like black, navy blue, green, dark maroon, etc.

2. Avoid both slop and tight clothing. Also, try to avoid too sleeveless clothing.

3. In case of makeup, apply a shade darker pancake than the skin and apply two sides of the cheeks to make the face look a bit stressful. Then apply the blush on the top with face powder. Then the two sides of the face and the double chin can be slightly less understood.

4.  Don’t tie hair up those who have more fat in the face. Straighten the hair or leave it slightly thick.

5. People who wear sunglasses or eyeglasses choose oversized frames. Selecting a smaller frame will make the face look bigger.

6. In times of wearing a necklace, do not wear it so attached to the neck. Choose a little hanging garland for yourself.

7. Don’t wear heels for those who are fat. It looks awkward and damages health.