Magical pack of honey to stay young!

Life Style Desk
29 September 2019, Sun
Published: 02:47

Magical pack of honey to stay young!

Honey is more effective means to control a few life-threatening diseases. We can use honey in skincare. Honey is very beneficial in skincare. It scrubs the skin and removes stains and scalp lines.

However, there is a magic pack of honey, which helps you to bring your face youth forever. Let’s find out how to create and use the pack- Heat a tablespoon of honey lightly. Mix an egg yolk well with this hot honey. Add to it 1 tablespoon oats, finely powdered. When the mixture becomes thicker, mix the raw milk. Now keep this mixture in full mouth and around the eyes for about 10 minutes. Don't put more than that.

After 10 minutes wash the face first with warm water and then with normal water. Use this pack only three times a week and you will see that your face is full of magical youth in a month.