Bangladesh to ban production, import, marketing of e-cigarette

Staff Correspondent
3 October 2019, Thu
Published: 07:55

Bangladesh to ban production, import, marketing of e-cigarette

Sheikh Yousuf confirmed that we are planning to ban production, import and marketing of e-cigarette and other vaping products in earliest possible times.

Health ministry secretary for medical education Sheikh Yousuf Harun on Thursday (October 3) said while at a press conference that the electronic cigarette and other form of vaping had appeared to be concerning for public health.

Health ministry said that the health ministry expressed the concern on the backs of a recent finding of the USA’s Communicable Disease Control and Food and Drug Administration that deaths related lung disease in patients had a link to the e-cigarette and vaping. And on September 24, CDC and FDA said 12 deaths in 805 lung related deaths were caused due to e-cigarette and vaping.

The World Health Organization on Global Tobacco Epidemic 2019 has identified e-cigarette and vaping as harmful for health.

He told that there was no study on the epidemiology of the patients taking e-cigarette and vaping or the extent of users of the new form of tobacco in Bangladesh.

He also said that we are witnessing that e-cigarette and vaping is growing and the products are being sold in Dhaka, other cities and even on online and social media market, and we have considered in the past e-cigarette as a safe alternative of conventional tobacco-based cigarette, but we were wrong.

Health ministry told that tobacco has now appeared as one of the major risk factors responsible for most deaths and diseases in Bangladesh, and every year at least 1,61,200 people of Bangladesh are killed by tobacco-caused diseases.