10 things to do this morning to make your whole day more productive

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9 October 2019, Wed
Published: 12:23

10 things to do this morning to make your whole day more productive

Everyone want to be beautiful. Even Not just women, men are now equally eager to get a beautiful and attractive look. Many cosmetics are used to get attractive skin. But does it really bring beauty? The beauty is that which is quite natural.

Do you know? Doing a few things will show you beautiful and lovely every morning. Everyone will appreciate the beauty and you don't have to spend a lot of time or money behind it.

1) After wake up at morning, you definitely go to brush your teeth? When the brush is finished, take a little bit of multani mati and chandan powder. Mix it with a little water and use it on the mouth, throat, and lips. Massage for 2-3 minutes and rinse. You can then use Facewash if needed.

2) In the morning, you must drink a glass of warm water on an empty stomach. Not much of it, because drinking more can be result in opposite. Drink plenty of water throughout the day along with vitamin C rich fruit or fruit juice. If you wake up at night, still drink a little water. Avoid ice-cold water.

3) Wash your face in the morning and wipe it well. Then use a good moisturizer cream. Use whatever suits your skin, at least twice a day. Cream works well on clean skin so give it on your face immediately after wiping your mouth.

4) You can apply a little powder on the moisturizer cream. It will make the skin look brighter all day and will not feel oily. Remember, when the face is oiled, it looks black and dirty. For those whose skin is too oily, they can rub a piece of ice in the face after using the cream. And yes, sunscreen must be used before going out.

5) Since you do not makeup, there is no question of using mascara or eyeliner. But the eyelashes also need to be beautiful to look attractive. Take a little bit of Vaseline, rub it in the eyelids. Now curl the petals with your hands or curlers. In the moment the look will become attractive.

6) Do not use lipstick or lip-gloss if you want to get a natural look. Instead, buy roselip balm in light pink. Use it with a small amount of massage on the lips. The lips will be just as attractive.

7) Note that, whether the eyebrows are beautifully shaped or not. Shape the eyebrows with taking out of two / one hair by teasers if needed. If the eyebrows are random, the face also looks dirty.

8) Keep the face wiper in the bag at all times. If the face feels too oily or dirty, do wipe lightly. You will see that oil and dirt will be removed.

9) Keep the hair clear as well as doing shampoo daily if needed. To have a beautiful appearance, like fine teeth, beautiful hair is also essential. Oil lubricated hair loses all the attractiveness of the face.

10) You must sleep for at least 8 hours daily. If you do not sleep, you will not look beautiful in any more. Remember, whatever comes from the inside, is the truth of beauty.

Laughing suppresses all your wounds. So focus on you, keep smiling, the look itself will shine.