Way to wash jeans pants or shirts to ease the unease

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24 October 2019, Thu
Published: 01:09

Way to wash jeans pants or shirts to ease the unease

In the current fashion, everyone man must-have jeans pants! Some people's conventional idea, jeans are workers' pants. Such pants are marketed for the convenience of the people who once worked in the mines.

Today, we use jeans as a daily dress. But if you use some strategies, the jeans will still be new, even after repeated use:

Way of washing the jeans:

1. It is better to use cold water to wash jeans pants or shirts. Never use hot water.

2. Do not wash jeans in excessive alkaline soap. It makes the color pale. So remove the alkaline soap and wash it in a gentle soap.

3. Soak jeans in soapy water for a while. Then lightly rub the dirt contained in it.

4. Don't wring jeans after washing. Rather, strain and keep it to drain the water. After a while, dry it with sunshine.

5. Keep the jeans in inverse under sunshine to dry it to keep the color long-lasting. When you wash it, you just do it keeping the jeans inverse.

6. In jeans pants, the dirt is in the feet fold, so lightly rub the folds with a brush.