Why you should try hibiscus tea this winter

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8 January 2020, Wed
Published: 01:35

Why you should try hibiscus tea this winter

There can be no real substitute for desi chai, but exotic infused teas offer a variety of options for a hot cuppa. These highly popular infused teas can be consumed without milk or sugar, making it super healthy and quick to make. 

Although lavender, chamomile, rose, moringa, green tea are some favourites, hibiscus tea is a lesser-known one. It offers numerous benefits, including weight management, lowering cholesterol, prevention from heart diseases, among others.

Hibiscus tea is made from dried parts of the flower, which gives it a deep red colour. It has sweet and tart flavours that can be consumed hot or iced. The part of the hibiscus plant that protects and supports the flower is called the calyx. The dried calyces are used to make hibiscus tea.

Widely known for its ability to prevent hypertension and lower blood pressure, this tea ensures that your liver stays healthy. Rich in vitamin C, flavonoids and having laxative properties, a cup of this red brew helps in smooth digestion and weight management. It is also highly recommended for women, offers relief from menstrual cramps, mood swings and depression.

Here are some of the benefits of the tea:-

* Antioxidants – The hibiscus tea is rich in powerful antioxidants that help to fight free radical compounds in the body.

* Lower blood pressure – High blood pressure can place extra strain on the heart and cause it to weaken. It is also associated with an increased risk of heart diseases. Hibiscus tea can be consumed for natural remedies but if someone suffers from chronic BP and is under medication, then it is highly recommended to consult the doctor before indulging in such natural remedies.

* Lower blood fat – High blood fat can result in various heart diseases. Therefore, drink one cup of hot hibiscus tea can naturally reduce the bad cholesterol and heal the body from inside.

* Weight loss – Hibiscus extract leads to reductions in cholesterol and triglycerides that can lead to a reduced risk of obesity. It is also beneficial to lower the BMI level.

* Natural remedy for bacterial infection – Bacteria are single-celled microorganisms that can cause a variety of infections, ranging from bronchitis to pneumonia to urinary tract infections. In addition to having antioxidant properties, it can also help fight bacterial infections.

* Soothing effect – People who have constant mood swings, nausea or uneasiness should indulge in regular cups of hot hibiscus tea as it calms your nerves and makes you relaxed. It is also recommended during menstrual cycles, menopause and pregnancy when hormones affect the body.