How do overcome social media addiction

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14 July 2019, Sun
Published: 11:20 Updated: 01:44

How do overcome social media addiction

Almost every public area, what do you see? Heads down, everyone on their phone. In case you hadn’t heard, Facebook users share not only a social network of over 200 million, but also significantly lower grade point averages (GPAs) than their non-member classmates (according to Time Magazine).  And apparently Jennifer Aniston ended her relationship with John Mayer because he was addicted to Twitter (as apposed to drugs like other musicians… ).  This begs the question, how many of us are addicted to social networks, and what can we do about it?

This obsessive habit is not only hampering a person’s life, it’s also evading their personal space. People need to realize that there is a more graceful life outside this social media bluff.

Here are 8 simple ways that can help you to overcome this enslaving social media addiction:

Cherish your hobbies:
Every person has something he/she wants or likes to do, be it as simple as reading books or something off the hook like base jumping. Instead of posting links and stuff, embrace the things you really love.

Read about a catchy subject:
Subscribe for some magazines or e-book, be it on automobile or fashion. It’s not always necessary to read a nail-biting story book or an inspiring autobiography. Read what you like.

Spend time with your loved ones:
In the everlasting race for money and power, we are deprived of quality family time. We waste the little time we get, on social media. So stop running your fingers on your mobile and start spending some time with your people. Spending some time with your loved ones not only refreshes you from within, it also make bonds stronger.

Keep a record of the amount of money you spend on internet:
We unknowingly spend a hefty amount of money on our mobile bills to maintain a steady internet service. Keeping a steady record of this amount will work as a charm as it will make you realize that we end up spending quite a lot then what is needed and put a brake in your social browsing.

Focus on work:
One of the worst effects of social media is that it takes your concentration from work which affects your corporate performance. So keep your phone is silent mode and work as hard as you can and enjoy the sweet fruit it bears.

Keep fewer accounts:
Although social media has its demerits, no one is saying to completely nullify it from your life. Try to keep one or two accounts and spend as much less time as “possible”. This “possible” is not at all impossible.

Listen to music:
Music has always been a soothing friend. So when you find nothing else to do, nourish a keen habit of listening to music of your favourite genre, but not too loud..!!

Write a blog:
Writing a blog helps you express yourself in a much lively manner. So go on, write about your life or things you know. But don’t always expect your blog to get a million hits. Always remember that it is a much healthier way to give your feelings a voice.  Source: GCC Exchange