Coronavirus: 6 essential qualities that are important for an effective Mask

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26 May 2020, Tue
Published: 09:04

Coronavirus: 6 essential qualities that are important for an effective Mask

Coronavirus prevention: The mask you make at home should be made of high thread count cotton fabric, preferably with an extra filter.

1. Fabric of the face mask
According to Dr Cassoobhoy, it needs to be high thread count cotton fabric. Having a cotton fabric is important as it makes the mask breathable, she says. The high thread count is going to act as a filter for particles. This mask will not offer as effective protection as an N-95 mask, but it is strong and effective tool, especially in combination with other social distancing measures like keeping at six feet distance and regular handwashing.

2. Add an extra filter
You can also add one extra filter to your face mask using a coffee filter, paper towel, reusable non-shiny grocery bags, etc. Make sure that the filter you use is breathable.

3. Make sure that the masks fit you properly
The masks should fit you properly. The masks should have a snug fit from your nose across your cheeks, back to your ears and under your chin. This kind of fit will keep you protected from the outside air as much as it is reasonable.

4. Do not touch the mask when outside
Whenever you step out, make sure you don't touch the mask. The outside surface of the mask, once you step out, is most likely to be contaminated. You need to be able to breathe comfortably with the mask on. Slipping it down under your nose is useless, says Dr Cassoobhoy.

5. Ease of use
Masks with an elastic band are easier to use. However, for some people, these masks can be too tight or cause irritation in ears. It has to be according to what suits you the best. The basic coronavirus prevention step is that you should not be out for too long.

6. Endurability
The face masks are probably going to go through a lot of wear and tear. So after you use them, they should be properly washed and stored. You have to make sure that you don't touch the contaminated area. After washing the mask, see if the fabric is torn or the shape of the face mask is changed. Also, the fabric should be pre-washed before you make the mask.