5 ways to be happy in life

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17 July 2019, Wed
Published: 10:21

5 ways to be happy in life

Do you suffer from the “winter blues?” The small, concrete actions in the 1st part of this 2-part series can help bring more joy to your life.

If you’re feeling down at the moment you’re probably not alone. Today supposedly the most melancholy day of the year.

1. Don’t sweat over small stuff .Most people keep too many things on their platter and worry about too many things. The trick of a happy life lies in giving a miss to small stuff. Don’t brood over negative emotions or people. When you don’t sweat over small stuff, there’s less stress in your life. You embrace joy and happiness.

2. You practice gratitude There’s immense joy in celebrating all the positive, wonderful things life offers you. Make gratitude a part of your daily ritual. Most people sail through life without ever stopping to celebrate the life they are living. When you express gratitude, you attract a sense of joy and happiness.

3. Be kind to yourself Remember the old saying, ‘To spread happiness, you have to be first happy yourself. Research has shown that people who are kind to themselves are happier and they spread happiness around them too. Don’t blame yourself even if you are going through a tough phase at work, relationship. Being compassionate to your own self makes you a happy person.

4. Exercise Have you ever felt a high after a workout or brisk walk It’s a fact that exercise releases endorphins in the brain. This is like a natural dose of morphine. They reduce pain, lift your mood and in simple terms make you happy. So, what are you waiting for Hit the gym, go for a walk or run, play a game of soccer or cricket and see the difference.

5. Have a close circle of friends Research has now shown that people who have a good circle of positive, warm friends are better off than the people who don’t have friends. Spending time with friends is a good stress buster. They bring in a sense of well-being and happiness. So, learn to invest in meaningful friendships and see how much difference it brings in your quality of life.