7 dengue patients killed in 12 hours

Staff Corespondent
6 August 2019, Tue
Published: 04:38 Updated: 10:33

7 dengue patients killed in 12 hours

Seven people have killed of dengue in 12 hours across the country, including the capital. They were all treated in different hospitalized.

They died due to low blood platelets in dengue fever. The deceased are Amjad Mondal (52), Monoyara Begum (75), Mohammad Hanif (40), Italian expatriate Hafsa Lipi (34), Nakul Kumar Das (45), Rabiul Islam (17) and Shishu  Riyana (03).

Amjad Mondal died while undergoing treatment at Dhaka Medical College (DMCM) Hospital around 6 am on Tuesday. He is a farmer in Mankiganj. He was attacked on Friday in Dengue. He was later admitted to Manikganj Hospital. He was admitted to DMCM Hospital on the night of August 6 when the condition deteriorated. He is the son of Abdul Hamid of Tituwia Dharagram of Shiblaya police station in Manikganj district.

Monoyara Begum died at the same hospital at 8 am today. Manoyara Begum was admitted to DHMK Hospital on August 3. He was diagnosed with dengue fever four days ago. Although giving treatment, his blood platelets quickly decrease. He died while undergoing treatment at an ICU intensive care unit (ICU). Manoyara Begum is the wife of Abdul Hai of Ahmedpur in Hajiganj, Chandpur. He lived with his family in the Mirpur area of ​​the capital.

Earlier, a Dengue patient named Nukul Kumar Das died at Dhaka Medical College Hospital on Monday evening, Assistant Director of the hospital said.

Nasiruddin said, he was admitted to hospital on Monday afternoon with a fever. He died while undergoing treatment at the hospital's One Stop Service Center (OCC) around 7 pm. His home is in the capital's Saturn Arena. Nakul Kumar Das used to teach at a local school.

Similarly, Hafsa Lipi, an expatriate from Italy, was killed in Dengue. She came to visit the country with her husband and children. The talk was to go back for a vacation. But he did not go to Italy anymore. Lipi died on Monday night at Anwar Khan Modern Hospital in Dhaka after being treated for dengue. She was living in a house in Kalabagan in the capital with her husband's children. His village home is at Vedarganj in Shariatpur. 

Mohammad Hanif, a patient, died at Mugda Hospital at around 2 am on Monday. He was admitted to Mugda Hospital four days ago after suffering from dengue. He died when the condition deteriorated.

Meanwhile, a young has died in Dengajpur M Abdur Rahim Medical College Hospital after suffering from dengue. Rabiul Islam (17) is the son of Nayan Islam of Nekmard village in Ranishankail upazila of Thakurgaon district.

A baby named Riyana (03) has died at Rangpur Medical College (RMC) Hospital after suffering from dengue fever. He died on Tuesday morning while undergoing treatment. Riyana is the daughter of Ashraful Islam of Nakaihat area of ​​Palashbari upazila of Gaibandha.