Govt has no mentality to torture people in custody: PM

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6 August 2019, Tue
Published: 10:33 Updated: 08:24

Govt has no mentality to torture people in custody: PM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday (August 7) shrugged off the allegations of torture in custody by Bangladeshi law enforcement agencies, she said in an interview with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in London.

“To tell you the truth, our government is never led by any intention to torture people in custody and it (government) also doesn’t do it (either),” she said

Senior broadcast journalist at BBC World Service Manoshi Barua interviewed the premier when issues of Bangladesh economy, politics and social issues came up in course of discussion as well.

She said this culture of impunity continued for many years when military dictators ruled the country directly, and often in the guise of politicians, after the assassination of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

“It was a difficult task to bring the country back to a healthy trend and we’ve performed that difficult task,” she said.

Asked whether the people are getting the benefits of economic growth, Hasina said they certainly are. She noted that the country’s poverty rate had been brought down to 21.04 percent from over 41 percent in 2005-2006.

The Prime Minister said per capita income increased to about $2,000 from $400/500 and the country achieved 8.1 percent growth in the last fiscal year.

“When higher growth is achieved, the inflation increases naturally. But we didn’t allow raising inflation and we maintained it at 5.5 or 6 percent,” she said.

Hasina also said the fruits of economical uplift are reaching the common people very naturally.

When asked about the “vulnerable situation” in banking sector and loan default culture, she said the matter is not at that extent as much as it publicised.

The Prime Minister said her government is trying hard to maintain a peaceful atmosphere in the country.