People returning home to celebrate Eid-ul- Azha

Staff Corespondent
7 August 2019, Wed
Published: 10:14 Updated: 01:01

People returning home to celebrate Eid-ul- Azha

People returning home to celebrate Eid-ul- Azha ( one of the biggest Muslim Festival) with their close ones. People from all around the districts come to Dhaka for their Job. people return home to celebrate the festival. 

They started leaving the capital on Wednesday (August 7th) at the bus-train-launch with family and friends.

Today, a crowd of hot people is seen at Kamalapur railway station from dawn. The image of the train changed from the airport station in the morning to the warm people at the Kamalapur Railway Station. Trains to different destinations are full. Travelers with family and friends have to swim at high speed to get on the train.

A total of three inter-city trains, including three Eid specials, will leave from Kamalapur on Wednesday. The total number of seats is 27 thousand 885.

Meanwhile, law enforcement agencies have tightened security at rail, bus and naval terminals. In these places, a number of security forces have been created to make the journey smooth.

Mohammad Aminul Haque, manager of the Kamalapur Railway Station, told that the security of the station has been increased to disrupt the journey of people who are warm. 

He said, the railway was ready to serve the common people.