Selling of cattle at city markets begins

Staff Corespondent
7 August 2019, Wed
Published: 01:48 Updated: 02:56

Selling of cattle at city markets begins

Sales of ‍sacrifice of animals have started on Wednesday (August 7) at 24 cattle market of the capital. It will continue till the day before Eid-ul-Azha.

This year, on the occasion of Holy Eid al-Azha, there are 362 sacrificial cattle market in the country.

Activities in the cattle markets geared up with traders and truckloads of animals making their foray into the capital ahead of Muslims’ annual feast of sacrifice.

Visiting different cattle markets, it is found that people from various districts have already reached the city with their sacrificial animals, and most of them are locally reared.
Prices of animals are reasonable compared to last year.

Medium-sized animals can be bought for between Tk. 60,000 and Tk. 1,10,000 and the small-sized ones between Tk. 40,000 and Tk. 50,000.

The Department of Livestock Services (DLS) said that 5,77,416 commercial farms and farmers have around 1,17,88,563 sacrificial animals ready to meet the demand for 1,10,00,000.

Few cattle from India, Myanmar and Nepal were available in the cattle haats. According to UNB correspondent from bordering districts, the cattle inflow from India, both legally and illegally, has dropped significantly this year.

Traders said the sales of sacrificial animals will reach its peak on Saturday and Sunday as many buyers don’t have space at their homes to keep the cattle for more than a day before slaughtering for Eid.