Train service with Dhaka resumes after 3 hours

Staff Corespondent
9 August 2019, Fri
Published: 06:09 Updated: 08:07

Train service with Dhaka resumes after 3 hours

The  Sundarban Express derailed around 1:30pm on (August 9) near the Bangabandhu Bridge in Tangail.

Rail communications between Dhaka and northern-southern regions of the country have been restored 3 hours after derailment of an intercity train in Tangail.

Bangabandhu Bridge railway station (East) Master Masum Ali Khan confirmed the matter. and he said that train services in the northern and southwestern regions have resumed three and a half hours after the derailment of a train in Tangail.

Masum Ali said, following restoration, the derailed Sundarban Express left for Khulna around 4:30pm on Friday.

And Due to this incident, Dhumketu Express, Ekota Express, Nil Sagar Express, among others, were stranded at various stations.