Passengers suffer due to train delays

Staff Corespondent
10 August 2019, Sat
Published: 11:37 Updated: 12:09

Passengers suffer due to train delays

Train schedule is crashing for this time. In most cases, thousands of passengers, especially those travelling to the northern and southwestern districts, waited for trains for hours.

Risky rides on train roof continued as the coaches got packed within moments after arrival.

A halt of train services to the northern and southwestern regions for three hours due to derailment of a coach in Tangail made the situation worse.

The experience was almost similar for those travelling to the southern districts by launch.

Many of the ferries that left Dhaka’s Sadarghat Launch Terminal on Friday carried passengers on the roof, with the cabins and decks packed.

Shipping Secretary Abdus Samad, during a visit to the terminal in the evening, said the authorities were forcing passengers to leave the roofs of the vessels but the holidaymakers returned as they were already waiting for two to three hours.

Kamlapur station manager Aminul Haque said, "The passenger is getting delayed on the way. Earlier, where every station is supposed to wait 2 minutes, there is a wait of 5 to 10 minutes. For this reason it is too late to come to Dhaka. It is too late to leave the trains which are delayed.