Dumb girl gang raped, Threat to killed

Madaripur Corespondent
10 August 2019, Sat
Published: 01:23

Dumb girl gang raped, Threat to killed

The rape victims in the country are spreading with the passage of time and the incidents have started coming into light. Madaripur 16 year-old Deaf and Dumb girl has been charged with gang rape.

The victim was admitted to Madaripur Sadar Hospital on Friday (August 9) afternoon. The rapists are threatening to kill the father of the girl in the case.

Family sources said, The unidentified girl went to the nearby lower river for bathing in the Chokodar Bridge area of ​​the union on Thursday noon. On the way, Tanimoy Chokdar, 22, son of Karim Chokdar of the same area, Jishan Chokdar,18, son of Tulu chokdar, and Hasan Mollah, 21, son of Sanu Molla, forced him into a nearby bushes.

At that time, his mother went to the river after seeing her daughter late for a bath. Upon hearing the sound of the collision in the bushes, the two escaped, and when Tanmay saw the offending situation, Seeing the abuser, he also fled when she cried.
Sources said that they settled at night locally. The arbitrators went on to say that the incident was not settled. Later on Friday morning, the victim's father threatened to kill the father of the three  ragged boys.

Later on Friday, he was admitted to Madaripur Sadar Hospital with the help of locals. And the father of the victims filed a case against Sadar Police Station in the afternoon.

The victim's father said, 'My daughter raped by three ragged boys. My wife rescued her naked. Since the case, the rapists have been chasing me with threats of murder.

Madaripur Sadar Hospital RMO Dr. Shashank Chandra Ghosh said, “A disabled girl has been admitted to the hospital for rape. We have collected shelter and given proper treatment.

Madaripur Sadar Police Station Officer-in-Charge Sogatul Alam said, The girl's father filed a case against three boys the police in connection with the rape. Police have taken to the field to catch the accused.