Housewife gang rape on bus stop

Netrokona Corespondent
11 August 2019, Sun
Published: 08:39 Updated: 09:21

Housewife gang rape on bus stop

A husband is tied to a fast food shop in Netrokona, and a woman has been gang-raped in front of her husband. Some of whom even took turns sexually violating her in front of her husband.

The incident took place on Friday night, according to a news release sent from the media cell of the district police on Saturday afternoon.

Police arrested the accused and arrested the shop manager including 4.

The four arrested are Mahfuzul Islam, Sayedul Islam, Rezaul Karim Pavel and Zaman Bashar, the managers of Sarinda Fastfood Shop in Rajendrapur area.

Netrokona Police Superintendent of Police (SP) Akbar Ali Munshi said the husband and wife got on the bus to go to the relative's house in Kalmakanda from Netrokona. When the bus stopped, the woman went to the bathroom of a fast-food shop named Sarinda in Rajendrapur area of ​​the district. Ragged boys arrested her husband and carried out a gang rape. Later, the husband and wife leave the couple on a deep night with various threats.

The SP also said that after receiving the release, the husband and wife went to Model Police Station and informed the police about the incident. The four accused were later arrested in the operation. The senior police official said the others involved would be arrested soon.