Mozaffar Ahmed's is being buried today in Comilla

Staff Corespondent
25 August 2019, Sun
Published: 09:00 Updated: 01:07

Mozaffar Ahmed's is being buried today in Comilla

Professor Muzaffar Ahmed, a member of the Advisory Council of the Government of the War of Liberation, is being buried in his the family cemetery Devi Dwarka today.

Yesterday, people of all levels greeted him in the state capital. His body was taken to Comilla on Saturday.

His third funeral will be held at Comilla's Town Hall grounds at 10 am on Sunday morning.

Napal acting general secretary Ismail Hossain said he would be buried at the end of the fourth janaza after the Johar prayers at his village Devi Dewar, Allahabad.

Mozaffar Ahmed was born on 9 April 1222 in the village of Allahabad, Deobindbar in Comilla. He played a key role in the great movement of the language on the 12th. In addition to politics, he taught at various colleges, including Dhaka University, Dhaka College. After independence, he was elected a member of parliament at 9 and met in the presidential election of 4.

Three years ago, even when the government nominated him for the medal of independence, he returned it with success.