EC has no money, smart card will not get new voters

Staff Corespondent
25 August 2019, Sun
Published: 11:04 Updated: 02:15

EC has no money, smart card will not get new voters

New voters will not get smart cards right away, they will be given a laminating ID cards on paper. Because the Election Commission (EC) does not have enough money to give smart cards to new voters. That's what the EC officials said.

Citing the reason for not giving new voters a smart card, officials say, The money that was collected for the issuance of smart cards with the help of the World Bank in 2011 was supposed to give the smart cards of the then 9 crore voters. EC is already printing and distributing 4 crore voter smart cards out of 9 crore voters.

Apart from this, citizen information is being added to another 3 crore 70 lak smart cards.

According to the Commission sources, the issue of providing smart cards to 9 crore voters is still unimaginable. The Commission is taking a new project out of government funding for the money. Under the scheme, new voters will be given a smart cards.

At present, the voter turnout in the country is 10.48 crore. As many as 1.5 crore voters have already been re-enlisted, out of 9 crore.

The commission has not yet given them smart cards. And those who are newly added to the voter list will get the e-card later.