Boisabi festival in hills canceled

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3 April 2021, Sat
Published: 06:12

Boisabi festival in hills canceled

Boisabi Utsab, the biggest traditional festival of tribal people, has been cancelled in the wake of 2nd wave of Covid-19 pandemic in Bangladesh.

Boisabi celebration usually begins on April 12 but this year the celebration committee has cancelled all kinds of events to contain the recent surge in coronavirus cases.

Intu Moni Chakma, member secretary of Biju, Baisu, Sangraing, Bishu-2021 celebration committee, said, "We are cancelling  all our events as per the government order due to the corona situation."

All events that will create public gatherings have been canceled but the publication will be released, he added.

Tripura Welfare Foundation President Suresh Tripura said like the previous year no festival will be held this year.

“As per the government instructions we have suspended all kinds of ceremonies, including floating flowers in the river for mother Ganges,” he further said.

The word Boisabi is a combination of the Bengali acronyms for various indigenous festivals like Boishuk for the Tripura community people, Sangrai of the Marma community, and Bizu for the Chakma community.

On the first day of the festival, people float flowers in rivers or spring water and take bath seeking divine blessings for their peace and prosperity.

Every year 13 ethnic communities living in Rangamati celebrate  festivals centering Biju, Sangrai, Baisuk, Bishu, Bihu, Jol Utsab and Bengali New Year. Various sports event and cultural programs are arranged from April 9.

Covid-19 cases has been soaring in an alarmingly in Bangladesh  rate for the past few weeks and the government on Saturday announced that it is set to enforce a 7-day lockdown from  Monday to stem the spread of Covid-19. Source: UNB