They are playing with fire: PM

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4 April 2021, Sun
Published: 07:59

They are playing with fire: PM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that the parliament that legal action will be taken against those involved in killings, vandalism and arson attacks in the name of Islam. I can say that legal action will be taken again those responsible for such misdeeds.

The premier said during her speech at the 12th session of the 11th parliament.

Issuing a warning against Hefajat-e-Islam, PM Hasina said they are playing with fire. But if a house catches fire, it may spread to another house nearby. Don't they understand this?

"Railway station to land office, DC office to all the places that they set fire to, what will they do if their madrasas, their houses too catch fire? Will people tolerate this? People won't," she said. 

The PM said it is unfortunate that Hefajat men have carried out vandalism and anarchy during golden jubilee celebration of the country's independence, from March 17 to 26.

"Did Hefajat do it alone? BNP-Jamaat alliance is behind it," she said.

Not all Hefajat men were involved in these offences and that is the reality, the premier also said.

Hefajat men spread a rumour over killing of people at the Baitul Mukarram Mosque on March 26 and carried out the destruction from March 26 to March 31, she added.