Launch capsize in Shitalakkhya, death toll 36

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6 April 2021, Tue
Published: 11:23 Updated: 02:53

Launch capsize in Shitalakkhya, death toll 36

The death toll from the launch capsize in the Shitalakkhya River has reached 36 after the recovery of six more bodies. After a rescue ship pulled out the launch from the water, six more bodies have been found.

Abdullah Al Arefin, Fire Service and Civil Defence Deputy Director of Narayanganj have confirmed the number on Tuesday.

Around 7 pm on Sunday, the passenger vessel, ML Sabit Al Hasan, sank after colliding with the cargo ship, SKL-3, at the mouth of the Syedpur Koyla Ghat on the Shitalakkhya River in Munshiganj.

Sorrow and grief engulfed the area since dead bodies of victims were being kept on the bank of the Shitalakkhya since Sunday night.

Family members and relatives of the victims broke down with grief upon seeing bodies of their loved ones. 

Most of the deceased were residents of Munshiganj.