6 of a Bangladeshi family found dead in Texas

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6 April 2021, Tue
Published: 02:52

6 of a Bangladeshi family found dead in Texas

Six members of a Bangladeshi family have been found dead at their home, a town of Texas in the US. 

Police discovered the bodies in the early hours of Monday, they suspect that two brothers committed suicide after killing their mother, father, sister and maternal grandmother.

Police believe Farhan Towhid (20), and his elder brother Tanvir Towhid (21) carried out the carnage Saturday.

A ‘suicide note’ left by one of the brothers indicates that they were going through a depression, according to police.

The suicide note says the brothers decided to murder their family and kill themselves to save the family from ‘sufferings’. Police are investigating the incident.

A family friend informed the police after failing to contact them over the phone. Police rushed to their house at Pine Bluff Drive and found them dead. The law enforcers said the six had been shot dead. They also recovered pistols from the house. According to local media reports.

The deceased are twin brothers Farhan Towhid and Farbin Towhid, elder brother Tanvir Towhid, mother Ireen Islam (55) father Towhidul Islam (54) and grandmother Altafunnesa (78).

Farhan posted a long ‘suicide note’ on Instagram where he said 'I killed myself and my family members.'

'He had been battling depression since he was a ninth-grader. He also wrote that his elder brother too was fighting depression,' he also mentioned.

Farhan posted on Instagram last February that his brother had told him, “We will kill ourselves and our family if we can’t fix everything in a year.”

On the other hand, family friends from Bangladeshi community in the locality were in utter shock hearing the incident.