Father-in-law run away with son's wife

Staff Correspondent
10 September 2019, Tue
Published: 11:49

Father-in-law run away with son's wife

Father-in-law has disappeared with his son's wife in Panchagarh's Atwari. The incident created a lot of activity and humor in the area.

According to family sources, Belal Hossain, 22, married his son's favorite girl nine months ago.

According to family sources, the father of Nur Islam (45) was nine months ago son Belal Hossain (22) married his lover.

After marriage, Belal leaves the workplace to earn a living, sometimes he comes home after getting a vacation, his wife was really bad behavior at home.

Noor Islam's wife Taslima said, My son actually used to abuse my son at bed every.

Sometimes I would laugh at my husband's son's wife in our bedroom. When in doubt when questioning my husband, he says that Boma was like his daughter who used to beat me often. For fear of honor, I could not report the matter to anyone. Bouma goes to her father's house to celebrate Vadar Katani's festival on Vadra month.

According to family sources, they left their house to go to aunty house to visit. Earlier, father-in-law wishes that they do not go to aunty house and they marry and move to Dhaka.

A few days after the incident, the girl confirmed to her mother on the phone that I was marrying my father-in-law and currently living in Dhaka.