Man arrested for raping four kids

Staff Correspondent
11 September 2019, Wed
Published: 09:08 Updated: 10:59

Man arrested for raping four kids

A van driver has been accused of raping four children by luring them to eat olives in Dhunat of Bogra district. He was arrested. In the initial interrogation, she confessed to the rape.

Police arrested Jainal Abedin (55) on Tuesday. Four children were rescued and given treatment at Upazila Health Complex.

According to the locals, the police said that Joynal Abedin's wife worked in a garment factory in Dhaka. Joynal made a living from home to a van in the area. The four children who were raped are neighbors to Joynal. Of the four children, two are third grade and two are first-grade students.

Like other days, two third grade students went to pick up olives at the house of Jainal on Friday noon. At this time, Joynal raped the two children inside the room by luring them to eat olives on the spot, he added.

Then, on Sunday afternoon, two students of the first grade went to pick up olives at Jainal's house. At the same time, he raped the two children with the same tactic. When they cried, Jainal drove them out of his house.  The four children reported the incident to their parents.

Later, the parents of the four children went to the chairman of the local union council (UP) to take action against Jainal. Police arrested Joynal Abedin on the basis of oral allegations by UP Chairman Haroon-Aur Rashid.

Doctor of Dhunat Upazila Health Complex, Angita Rob Chaiti, said four children had signs of rape on their bodies. They are undergoing treatment initially.

Officer-in-Charge of Dhunat Police Station (OC) Ismail Hossain confirmed the incident and said that two separate cases were being prepared for the incident.