Sixty-seven people suicides in eight months in Pabna

Staff Correspondent
11 September 2019, Wed
Published: 09:48 Updated: 10:35

Sixty-seven people suicides in eight months in Pabna

In Pabna sixty-seven suicides in the last eight months. Of them, 36 are women and 31 are adolescent and middle-aged men. Pabna Police Superintendent Rafiqul Islam confirmed the information.

Chatmohar is the highest area of ​​suicide in this district. In the Upazila area, 37 people committed suicide. 18 in Shathia Upazila area, Seven people were killed in Barra Model Thana area and five in Atikula police station.

They choose suicide because of family conflicts, chronic stomach pain, mental disorder and so on. Family conflict, however, has been reported to be the leading cause of suicide. 67 men committed suicide by hanging in the neck and poisoning.

Dr Nikhil Kumar, a senior doctor at Pabna Mental Hospital, said it is the responsibility of other members of the family to take care of people who were prone to suicide, to love them, to be around.