Country's first solar power plant to be inaugurated today

Staff Correspondent
11 September 2019, Wed
Published: 10:34

Country's first solar power plant to be inaugurated today

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will inaugurate the Kaptai Solar Power Station Wednesday (September 11) through a video conference.

It is the first solar fower plant of Bangladesh. Electricity produced at the plant will be fed into the national grid.

The Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources (MPEMR) took initiative to set up the plant. The project, costing Tk 111.2 crore, was implemented with the assistance of Asian Development Bank on a 22-acre plot of Bangladesh Power Development Board.

Project Director. Farooq said construction of the 7.4 MW power generation project has already been completed with the help of solar power. From here it will be able to get 7.4 MW electricity daily. Of this, 2 MW will be spent on the Kaptai project. The remaining 5.4 MW of electricity will be added to the national grid.

Works on the project started in October 2017. Chinese contractor firm ZTE will provide technical assistance for the next two years.