6-grade student is pregnant, Parents detained

Staff Correspondent
11 September 2019, Wed
Published: 11:51 Updated: 11:53

6-grade student is pregnant, Parents detained

The safest place in the world is Mother's lap. If the mother forced her daughter to commit immorality. This incident took place in Jhalakathi.

In this case, the schoolgirl in the sixth grade has become pregnant. Police have arrested the girl's mother and stepfather.

Jhalakathi Sadar Police Station rescued the girl at around 10.00pm on Tuesday have taken custody.

Jhalkathi Sadar Police Station OC (investigation). Abu Taher Mia said that a few months ago, a few men physical relation with the girl in connection with her mother and stepfather in the house of his mother in the wooded area of ​​the city. Her mother and stepfather forced him into this physical relation.  And the girl becomes pregnant.

She will be admitted to the Sadar Hospital for medical examination and treatment on Wednesday. Legal action was being taken to investigate the incident, he added.