'Six hours torture, its a planning murder'

Staff Correspondent
8 October 2019, Tue
Published: 11:12 Updated: 11:13

'Six hours torture, its a planning murder'

Burat Ullah, father of Bangladesh Engineering University (BUET) Abrar has been tortured and killed in a planned murder.

"This is a planning murder," he said on Tuesday morning in a weeping voice. My son Abrar, who arrived in Dhaka at 5 pm, was summoned to torture him at 8 pm. Tortured for six hours, it must be planned. 

Meanwhile, Abrar's uncle said, "There is no leader in the incident. Because there are not one-two, more than 15 students have participated in the killings. No one can kill so many without a plan. The killing took place at the behest of the High Command.''

The ambulance arrived at Raidanga village in Kushtia when the body of an ambulance arrived in Kushtia around 8am. Thousands of people gathered there. Police members were seen crying along with neighbors.

On Monday, BCL formed a two-member probe body to look into the involvement of any member of their organisation in Abrar’s killing. The body was asked to submit their report within 24 hours.