Abrar Fahad killers await highest punishment: PM

Staff Correspondent
9 October 2019, Wed
Published: 09:10

Abrar Fahad killers await highest punishment: PM

Prime Minister on Wednesday has assured that maximum punishment will be meted out to those involved in the brutal killing of Buet student Abrar Fahad.
PM Sheikh Hasina also questioned the justification of the movement by students when the government is taking action against the offenders.
Sheikh Hasina asked: Why’s this movement? The trial of the offenders must be held. It’s necessary to feel the pain of a mother or a father who lost their children. She says I understand it as I lost all my father, mother and bothers.
PM said that Abrar was son of a general family. What's the reason behind the brutal and dangerous act like picking up and beating such a brilliant student? So, we’re taking action against them. All kinds of highest punishment will be given to them and there’s no doubt about it.
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina came up with the remarks while addressing a press conference about the outcomes of her recent official visits to the USA and India on Wednesday (Oct 9).
Sheikh Hasina told that i considers offenders as offenders irrespective of their political identity, and when anyone commits any offence, I don’t care which party he/she belongs to. So, I don’t understand anything like party, and the offenders must be punished.

PM also told that I don’t consider who belongs to Chhatra League or Chhatra Dal, and I am taking into consideration the offence as a 21-year-old boy was beaten to death unfairly. It is an inhuman act.

Hasina told that it is necessary to find out the reason behind the obstruction to police from bringing the CCTV footage as three hours were wasted for it.
Hasina also told that here is my question that why were police obstructed from collecting the evidence? Police later collected the footage and gave a copy to the authorities. Now police are identifying the offenders scrutinizing the footage.

PM said that instructions will be given to search educational institutions and their halls to arrest the goons to stop the recurrence of killing like Abrar’s one.