I don’t call them human, they are beasts: Dr Kamal

Staff Correspondent
10 October 2019, Thu
Published: 07:10

I don’t call them human, they are beasts: Dr Kamal

Gonoforum President Dr Kamal Hossain said that I don’t call them human, they are beasts. They kill innocent people. We have turned our sons into animals, and it’s very appalling.

Dr Kamal Hossain said the killing of Buet student Abrar Fahad for exercising freedom of expression is an onslaught on the Constitution, and we must free the country from this appalling situation.

He said this while speaking a press conference demanding the proper trial of Abrar killing at the Jatiya Press Club on Thursday (Oct 10).

He said that those who are sick they can indulge in such acts. A boy was beaten to death in such a brutal way for expressing his own opinion. It is an onslaught on our civilization, achievements of our independence and the Constitution. 

Dr Kamal remind that  people’s freedom of expression has been clearly enshrined in the country’s Constitution, and killing anyone for expressing dissenting opinion is completely against the Constitution and the State.

Dr Kamal told that the country’s people are worried over the killing of the Buet student, and as the citizens of the country we must take a position against it.