Bangladesh could be Muslim friendly tourist destination’: Ali

Staff Correspondent
15 October 2019, Tue
Published: 07:21

Bangladesh could be Muslim friendly tourist destination’: Ali

Awami League State Minister for Civil Aviation and Tourism M Mahbub Ali on Tuesday said that Bangladesh could be a most popular Muslim friendly tourist destination as all the important elements needed for this are there in the country.

M Mahbub Ali told this while speaking at an international seminar on Muslim friendly tourism organized by Statistical, Economic and Social Research and Training Centre for Islamic Countries - SESRIC, an organ of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation - OIC.

He said that now Muslim friendly tourism is one of the most developing sectors in the world, he said adding that not only the Muslim countries but also the countries like Australia, Taiwan, Korea, Japan and New Zealand are laying emphasis on Muslim-friendly products and  services.

Ali told that Bangladesh’s is a good and suitable place for flourishing Muslim-friendly tourism as the country is full of mosques of aesthetic architectures, Islamic archaeological sites and shrines.

He also told that private sector entrepreneurs working on tourism will play a vital role in popularizing the idea.