Mother lives chained in cowshed!

Khulna Correspondent
16 October 2019, Wed
Published: 10:18

Mother lives chained in cowshed!

Two sons have kept their mother in the cowshed, This 75 years old widow has been chaining the mother in house cowshed as a mental patient for five months last. 

This barbarian and notorious incident has taken place in the Chardhapati area of ​​Gourichanna UP in Barguna Sadar Upazila. 

On receiving the news, Barguna district magistrate at the behest of DC Mostaine Billah rescued the granny, Khobirunnesa and kept to her daughter Taslima.

Since the ancestral land was originally divided into her two sons, none of the boys agreed to care for the elderly mother. For this reason, she was neglected and left in the cowshed. She has been tied with an iron chain at the waist so she can't go anywhere and was given food once a day in that cow house.

Source of Neighbors, for the past five months, mother Khabirunnesa had been tied to a crib in the cow house. Once, getting released from the confined situation, she was going to her daughter’s house. But on the way, her son returned her and kept confined in the cowshed again.

Though, the elderly woman hears slightly less, the neighbors said, Khobirunnesa is mentally normal. On Tuesday morning, a  Barguna district magistrate with the local UP chairman went to the house and rescued her. At that time, she was handed over to her daughter Taslima, with required clothes and money.