Anyone trying to manipulate Bhola incident to be punished: PM

Staff Correspondent
20 October 2019, Sun
Published: 10:46

Anyone trying to manipulate Bhola incident to be punished: PM

Sheikh Hasina on Sunday (Oct 20) warned that those trying to take advantage of the Bhola incident will must be punished.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said this while speaking to introductory speech at a meeting with the central leaders of Jubo League at her official residence Ganobhaban.
PM told that I urge the people of the country to have patience, those who want to fish in the troubled waters manipulating this incident will be found out and appropriate measures will be taken against them.

PM told that a section of people are deliberately doing such heinous acts to create instability, and whenever the country runs properly a section of people try to create an anarchic situation. I urge all to have patience.
PM also told that punitive measures must be taken against anyone who wanted to disrespect 'Almighty Allah' and 'Prophet Muhammad (SM)'. 

PM Sheikh Hasina confirmed that the Facebook account of a minority youth was hacked by another youth. That person over phone demanded Tk 20,000 for the Facebook account, or he (hacker) would write such things which will be dangerous for that youth. Then he getting the phone call, the youth went to the police station to lodge a general diary, and police arrested that youth and later also arrested the person who hacked the Facebook account.