All preparations taken to tackle flood: PM

Staff Correspondent

13 July 2019, Sat
Published: 03:03

All preparations taken to tackle flood: PM

Prime Minister ‍and Awami League President Sheikh Hasina said, the government has taken all sorts of preparation to tackle possible flood in the country.  

‘We've our preparations everywhere, we can face any kind of exigency, but we must remain alert so that flood can't harm people,’ she said on Saturday, UNB reports.  

Sheikh Hasina said, this at a function in her office marking the signing of the Annual Performance Agreement (APA) of the ministries and subordinate bodies.  

Prime Minister said, ‘the floodwater in hilly or haor areas or upper parts of the country will gradually come down to the low-lying areas. this as the natural system of flood.  The prime minister, however, said flood also comes with some blessings.’ 

she said, ‘It helps improve the fertility of land naturally and recharge groundwater.’

Hasina said, ‘We must be careful so that flood doesn't harm people, and we're very much aware of that.’