Opening of the mystery, minni can be arrest

Touhiduzzaman Tanmoy
16 July 2019, Tue
Published: 03:22 Updated: 05:32

Opening of the mystery, minni can be arrest

There is a sensational information emerging after the murder of Rifat Sharif in Barguna. Many people believe that the real event of the incident will be revealed if the wife of Rifat's wife Ayesha Siddika Minni is arrested. Minni, the number one witness in the case. At any time, he may be arrested in police custody for questioning or for the sake of investigation.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday (July 16) for questioning, Minni was brought to Barguna Police Line from her father's maternal residence in Barguna municipality. But he was not shown yet arrested. She is accompanied by his father Mozammel Hossain Kishore.

After the murder of Rifat, many people blamed Minni and demanded to arrest her. There is a storm of controversy across the country, including the social media. Then on Saturday (July 6) a new CCTV footage attracted the attention of the police for the arrest of several people due to Minni's normal walk.

It was found in 5 minutes 36 seconds of video footage, Nayan Bond, Rifat Faraji, 10-12 people including Rifat beat out of Barguna Government College. One of them retained Rifat from behind. The rest of the two hold hands. Minni was seen in 5 minute 43 seconds footage, she had a purse in her left hand. She was walking normally in purse hands. He looked at the right at the college.

It is also seen in the video footage that when 9 associates were hit on the head of Rifat, it was still normal that Minni In 5 minutes and 55 seconds when all the friends jumped on Rifat together, then ran for the first time, Minni ran for the first time. Try to resist. When you find out that Rifat starts to be copied, then it is seen to prevent minni's from the back.

After the incident, after Nayan and his companions fled, one of them handed over his purse to the minni. Minni walked normally naturally. Two minutes after the incident, two police officers came to the spot on a motorcycle.

Meanwhile, on Saturday (July 13) at the press conference demanding arrest of daughter-in-law Ayesha Siddika Minney, Rifat's father Dulal Sharif said.

Dulal Sharif said at the press conference, "During the marriage with Rifat Sharif, Ignorant and his family have wisely avoided the incident of Minni's wedding with the notorious Terrorist Naynband. After marriage with Rifat, Minni went to Niyan's home and regularly contacted him. In the same sequence, Rifat went to Minni Nayan's house at 9am and in the evening before the incident of the killing. Minni went to the college without Rifat on the other day, but that day of the incident, she went to college with Rifat. On the day of the incident, Minni wanted to come out from Rifat College but Minni did not come with him or her.

He said, "When Rifat was going to hospital with only rickshaw, injured and bleeding, Minni was very busy with her bag and sandal handling. Besides, the accused took a bag from the road and handed it to Minni. While taking Rifat Sharif from ambulance to Barisal Sher-E-Bangla Medical College Hospital, Minni did not go to Rifat.

Rifat's father claimed, "14 people have been arrested so far in connection with the killing of Rifat in collaboration with the Prime Minister, Home Minister, IGP and journalist brothers. But I am very sorry to say that the main victims in the backdrop of the killings are still out of control. "

Minni's father Mozammel Hossain said, "Ripat Sharif's father Dulal Sharif is wearing a ring in the heart, he is physically and mentally ill. So there is no basis for his words. Minni is not guilty nor will it come out of police investigation.

Meanwhile, Nayan Bond, the main accused in the murder case of Rifat Sharif, was killed in 'gunfight' with police on July 2. Nayan's mother Shahida Begum told reporters, "My son is dead. I do not have to lie anymore. My neighbors have also seen that Minni went to our house on Tuesday.

He said, "Not only on Tuesday, the day before the assassination; After marrying Rifat Sharif, Minni regularly met Niyan at our house regularly. Minni could go down to Rifaat College and go away. Then Minni came to our house. At the end of the college class, Minni would go out of our house and go to college.'

Nayon's mother Shahida Begum, minni claims to be involved in the murder of Rifat killings, said, "After receiving the news of Minnir's marriage with Rifat, I have prohibited my son, and do not get in touch. But my son Nayan never listened to me. He did whatever he wanted and did. If Nayan listened to me, then such a ruthless incident would not have happened.''

A responsible source of the police, it is learned from the fact that after talking to reporters after the murder, Minni did not cooperate with any police officer. When the police went to her home, she did not say much to the police, saying that her husband grieved. But from that time he was kept under surveillance.

When asked about the matter, Barguna Superintendent of Police Maruf Hossain told Breakingnews, "It is not possible to say anything about who will be arrested for the sake of investigation."

On the arrest of Minni, Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIG) Sohel Rana told Breakingnews, "Rifat killing is a big incident. The police headquarters are continuously investigating the incident. We have brought many people under the law for suspected involvement in this incident. It is under investigation, in the interest of investigation or in case of police investigation if it is necessary to interrogate or arrest, then anyone can be arrested.''