HM Ershad leaves behind four children

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17 July 2019, Wed
Published: 11:55

HM Ershad leaves behind four children

Nine year’s military ruler, In the death of former President and Jatiya Party Chairman Hussein Muhammad Ershad, mourning has come down in the political, social and cultural areas of the country.

Born on February 1, 1930 in the undivided Indian Cuch-Bihar and he died on 14 July at Combined Military Hospital in Dhaka.

After Ershad's death, come various news reports about his personal and family life in the media including social media.

The present position of Ershad's two wife’s and children is being highlighted in the media.
Ershad is mainly father of two sons but has two adopted children. Ershad's two sons - Rahagir Al-Mahi Ershad and Arick Ershad, Adopted children Arman Ershad and Jebin Ershad.

Former President His writings in autobiographical texts ‘Amr Kormo Amr Jebon’ 
There are four children mentioned in the story. After his death, they are now his heirs.
In 1983, the first wife Raushan Ershad became the mother of the child. Frist son Rahgir al-Maheri Ershad named after him.

Even though Shad has introduced himself to a businessman but no business information is ever known.

In the Eleventh National Parliament election, Kurad-2 (Phulbari-Sadar-Rajarhat) seat was supposed to be candidate for Shad.

Ershad got married to Bidisha Islam in the late nineties. Ershad's second son was born in 2001 in Bidisha & name is kept Arick Ershad.
Ershad is in divorce with Bidisha in 2005. And Ershad took the responsibility of Eric on the court's verdict.

Apart from Shad Ershad and Erich Ershad, HM Ershad has two more children. They are children adopted by Ershad.

Meanwhile, Arman Ershad is currently staying at Ershad President Park's house. And the celebrated daughter, 35-year-old Jeben has been married in London.

In the general election of 1986, Hussein Muhammad Ershad was elected president of the political party Jatiya Party as its candidate. 

On December 6, 1990, in the face of intense anti-dictatorships Ershad withdraws end from power.He was arrested and then in long stay imprisonment. 

Rangpur constituency has never been defeated in a colorful political life. HM Ershad was famous as the Pallibandhu title.