Parameters set for red, green and yellow zones

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6 June 2020, Sat
Published: 09:31

Parameters set for red, green and yellow zones

To stem the spread of coronavirus, the government is planning to designate areas according to colored zones - red, yellow, and green. Different parameters have been set to separate the three and avoid arbitrary zoning, reports UNB.

State Minister for Public Administration Farhad Hossain on Saturday revealed that areas with 30 infections per 100,000 of the population will be marked as ‘Red Zones’.

A proposal has already been prepared. “Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will take a final decision after reviewing the proposal,” he said. 

Outside the capital, areas with ten confirmed cases per 100,000 people will be categorized as Red Zone.

For areas that have three to 19 cases per 100,000 of the population will be categorized as ‘Yellow Zones’, he said, adding that areas with even fewer cases will be ‘Green Zones’.

“A meeting on Saturday, attended by the Home Minister, Health Minister, LGRD Minister, State Minister for ICT, experts’ team and myself, finalized the proposal with these recommendations,” he added.

The proposal will be sent to the Prime Minister on Sunday, Farhad said.

When asked if the government was planning to announce another ‘general holiday’ as coronavirus cases are spiking, the State Minister said that it depends on the Prime Minister.

Government offices were permitted to keep open on a limited extent only to keep the economic activities running, he added.