Rangamati hanging bridge goes under water

Mishu Dey, Representative of Rangamati

18 July 2019, Thu
Published: 04:19

Rangamati hanging bridge goes under water

The water of the Kaptai Lake has been submerged due to rain and hail, and the 'Hanging bridge' of 'Symbol of Rangamati' is drowned in water. The authorities have imposed restrictions on the movement of the bridge due to water erosion.

Managing director of Rangamati Tourism Complex, Sharjon Bikash Barua confirmed that the bridge has been submerged in the lake due to the abnormal rise in water from Kaptai Lake.

He said, the bridge was blocked in the water as the bridge has been banned from tourists and public transport. The government is losing revenue from the government because of the bridge being flooded. There is a plan to lift the bridge up. If the allocated is found, the work will start.