ISKCON wants to create riot, Ahmed Shafi wants banned

Staff Correspondent

20 July 2019, Sat
Published: 12:55

ISKCON wants to create riot, Ahmed Shafi wants banned

Hindus are being forced to eat Muslim children's Prasad while they are going to school. Hindu Vaishnava Religious Institution International Krsnavnavanya Sangha-ISKCON. They have demanded their ban on the Bangladeshi community by launching a campaign to create communal riots. Hifazat Amir Allama Shah Ahmad Shafi.

He made this statement in a written statement in custody sent on Friday (July 19).

He said, "The exemplary punishment of all those involved in feeding the Muslim school students by the ISKCON, a violent Hindu organization in Chittagong, and all activities of ISKCON, the violent Hindu organization, should be banned. ISKCON is provoking to ruin harmony in Bangladesh through their poor deeds. Like India, communal riots are spreading in the country.''

Ahmad Shafi said, “Prasad is the only food sacrificed in the name of a deity in the hope of the Hindu community. Eating this prasad is forbidden for Muslims. According to the constitution, every religion can independently perform their respective religions. But their religious rituals are involved in interfering with religious rights and feelings imposed on one of the other religions, which violates the constitution and the explicit constitution. ''