Zia is not the killer of Bangabandhu, AL leaders are involved: Fakhrul

Staff Corespondent
19 August 2019, Mon
Published: 02:46 Updated: 03:43

Zia is not the killer of Bangabandhu, AL leaders are involved: Fakhrul

Shaheed President Ziaur Rahman was not involved in the murder of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman's family, Rather, Awami League leaders were involved,  BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said.

The leaders of the organization paid homage to Ziaur Rahman's grave and flowers at the parliament building in the capital on Monday (August 19) at the anniversary of the establishment of the Nationalist Volunteer Party. He said these while talking to journalists. 

'BNP founder Ziaur Rahman is directly involved in the assassination of Bangabandhu' - Agriculture Minister said. In response to a comment made by Abdul Razzaq, Mirza Fakhrul said, “For a long time this history has been trying to distort the Awami League. This is a constant fact, Ziaur Rahman declared independence. He was not involved in any killings, in any case. This is proven in history. Awami League people were involved in the murder of Bangabandhu. Those who formed the government later, went to Parliament.’’

Strongly criticized the government, he said, ''This illegal government has deliberately destroyed all democratic institutions in Bangladesh. Now they are up for the destruction of the economy. Their only goal is to establish a one-party system in the country.''

He said, ''They want to dominate politics by eliminating politics. That will never be possible on the ground of this Bengal, the people of this country will never accept it. The people of the country must liberate the countrymen through movement. People will restore democracy once more as in the past.”

A number of leaders of the organization including Shafiul Bari Babu, General Secretary Abdul Qadir Bhuiyan Jewel, Senior Joint General Secretary Saiful Islam Firoz, Vice-President Golam Sarwar were present during the meeting.